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My dear friends, people's interest in their health, concerning the prevention and / or treatment of the occuring problems that arise each time, has a great deal to do with how well informed they are.
My wish and hope is the creation of a simple and comprehensible way of introducing the subject of urology, where each individual can seek information either to obtain proper information around recent subjects of urology, either to try and figure out and understand through the different issues and subjects presented here, symptoms that might occupy and torment him, in order to have a general idea about what might be taking place and hopefully familiarize himself with the ways and methods that might be necessary to apply in order to solve each issue.
Cooperation between the doctor and the individual seeking aid, must begin in good spirit with mutual understanding and adequate level of information. Personally,  i have to point out and indicate that after 20 years of experience, in clinics and hospitals around Greece and abroad and in my private office, having contact with various individuals who approach me seeking aid and solution to their medical problem, perception of the method i follow to evaluate their disease, illness as well as the solution i will choose to apply are elements that are better understood, perceived and taken by a well informed person.
In this here website you can obtain information about the services i provide at my Urological-Andrological doctor's surgery.
You can also find useful information concerning ailments and diseases of the urogenitary system of man and woman and ways of treatment.
This site will keep updating and enriching frequently with recent subjects that concern many fields such as Male and Female Urology, Urological Oncology, Male sterility, Sexual dysfunction in males (abnormalities in erection and ejaculation), Subfertility, dermatological diseases in Urology, Lithiasis of the urogenitary system, Infections and diseases of the prostate gland and urinary bladder, Urometry and Cysteomanometry, Incontinence of Urine, Endoscopic Urology, Cysteoscopy and Ureteroscopy, In vitro lithotripsy of the urinary system, Laparoscopical surgery and Robot Assisted surgery, use of laser in urology, etc
Concluding my introduction i would to like to inform you that ailments that demand surgical solutions and use of general, epidural or spinal anesthesia and high technology specialized hospital equipment (such as robot, laser, lithotripsy, microscopes, etc) are handled and treated in affiliate private clinics in Athens along with skilled and experienced colleagues i collaborate with, in order for our team to achieve and perform extremely tough and demanding surgeries and operations with extremely high rates of success.
I thank you for your trust.