Can my doctor or physiotherapist perform the prostatic pressures?

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The quick answer is No and for a multitude of reasons, the most important being that performing the Georgiadis Protocol without knowledge and extensive experience is potentially harmful as well as meaningless.

Doctors & Physiotherapists: I often get notified by patients that they had previously seen urologists or physiotherapists who had tried to perform an approach similar to what I describe as the “Georgiadis Protocol” but  after a while the patients left disappointed from their lack of long-term improvement. Some of them had seen a small improvement in the beginning which quickly faded and they relapsed.

The reason other doctors cannot replicate the protocol despite its apparent simplicity, is because there is a very important empirical factor in play. It took me 25+ years in order to perfect my approach and I am still improving. The doctor needs to know exactly where to press, when to press, how to press, for how long to press. They need to have in mind a very clear strategy from the beginning (i.e. with regards to which areas of the prostate to treat and when) and most importantly to be knowledgeable to adjust the strategy at any moment based on how the patient’s body responds to the treatment.

Last but not least, the doctor needs to have extensive expertise on dealing with multiple difficult microbes that can obtain new resistances during the therapy and to be prepared to develop a new strategy against them until the full completion of the protocol. This requires rapid adjustment in the usage of antibiotics, both with regards to the type of antibiotics as well as the amount and the way the antibiotics are absorbed (i.e. orally, intramusculary or via IV) and of course knowing how to adjust the mixture of antibiotics inside the intraprostatic injections. In order to do all of the aforementioned optimally, the doctor needs to have very clear information about the patient’s state which requires, on top of their expertise, a very strong microbiological laboratory staffed with very skilled professionals.

To conclude, any attempt to replicate the Georgiadis Protocol naively is naturally going to fall short of both the protocol as well as its expected results. This has been proven time and again from hundreds of patients around the world who ultimately ended up visiting me to find a permanent solution to their problem.

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