Are prostatic pressures dangerous?

Category: Chronic Prostatitis, FAQ

Based on my experience that is more than 25 years, I can confidently answer No, prostatic pressures are not dangerous. From among hundreds of cases, I have never had a single case that had any adverse reaction or complication.

Some people may claim that during the prostate pressure, there is a chance of microbe infection (externally) or microbe spreading (internally).

  1. Infection: It is completely impossible as when we perform the pressure from the anus, we are practically using the intenstine as a “glove” to the prostate, not to mention the fact that we are using antibiotics and gloves of a single use.
  2. Microbe spreading: This is a false concern as the only route from the prostatic glandular ducts is towards the urethra and thus outside of the body. In addition and most importantly, prostatic pressures are only meant to be performed during periods that the patient is taking antibiotics.

The above are only a concern for people who try to perform the prostatic pressures amateurishly by themselves (see the related FAQ).

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