• After more about 8 years with increasing symptoms and countless useless visits to many urologist in several countries who told me to just leave with it I found Dr Georgiadis. I will put it very short and clear, you do not have to leave with it. You do not have to suffer chronic prostatitis for there is a solution. It is not pleasant, it is not instantaneous as you have to follow a specific protocol, but it works. I started just a few months ago and been visiting him on and off after the initial treatment. The analysis found 2 different strains of bacteria and 25-30 leukocytes within prostate fluid. Just today I got results showing no bacteria and leukocytes level down to 2-3, symptoms and inflammation are nearly non existent now and very soon I will be able to put all this story behind me. I cannot recommend Dr Georgiadis high enough, his commitment and dedication are absolutely second to none. If you suffer from this illness contact him and take the plunge as I did, nobody else will help you and the longer you wait the more the infection will cripple you.

    Raul from Spain | 2018
  • Having been treated in a way that led to the cure of my cystitis problem,i succesfully carried my baby and now have a healthy son,no words could describe how thankful we are for meeting this amazing Doctor 🙂

    A. M. from Greece | 2018
  • Very experienced and serious Doctor that I highly reccomend. His therapy needs patience but at the end results will follow. Thank you Doctor for supporting me and being a friend.

    Gheorgios from Greece | 2018
  • Hi!
    I am very lucky to know Doctor Georgiadis from a friend. I had Prostatitis for 4 years before I visit the doctor. My friend wake me up. I did have a problem and I have to say big one.

    The Doctor Pavlos Georgiadis after a lot of research in the internet it’s by far the only one that can cure prostatitis with his technique and long experience in his field.

    Combine with his excellent microbiologist that know what they are looking for. What kind of microbes you have in order to have the correct approach.

    It’s a unique process that will cure you from this very
    annoying problem of prostatitis. The rest of the doctors out there are in the Stone Age regarding this
    serious problem.

    If you search around or meet people with prostatitis it’s amazing the stories you will hear for other doctors approach. THAT THEY DONT KNOW WHAT ARE THEY DOING!!!

    In this moment we cured about 80% of the microbes and I feel great. I am back for a second time in order to get rid the remaining microbes.

    In his web site you can see testimonies and exam results that are 100% true and it’s exactly as was mine.

    I recommend Doctor Pavlos Georgiadis as he is the best and the only one that can cure Prostatitis.

    Just come…..

    Thank you!!

    N. K. from UAE | 2018

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