Chronic Prostatitis – Testimonials

  • I am 56 from the UK.
    One might expect to get professional, imformed treatment with this life crippling disease from our highly skilled Harley Street and NHS doctors, but to my amazement, NO! not even close!
    It’s been as though I was the first patient ever to have prostatitis!

    I have seen approx 15 different urologists, the best that London, Rome and Cyprus has to offer, paid thousands of pounds for either failed treatments or useless consultations, I’ve heard some ‘one liners’ from them that would be hilarious if they weren’t so rediculous, i.e. “we don’t do semen cultures anymore, they’re very 1980’s” plus, No Prostate massage, for prostatic fluid testing or a Rectal Ultra Sound from any one of them!
    Please don’t waste your time and money like I have.

    At this point I thought I was going crazy, I kept being told that my problems were psychological, anxiety, depression etc. If you’re told the same thing enough times, you begin to believe it. I then spent months and more money having counselling, thinking I was on the road to recovery, wrong!

    So…… scouring the internet, once again, I found Dr Georgiadis’s website, still sceptical, I called him.
    What a star! He was on his summer holidays but still answered his phone and spent time explaining to me what the real cause of my illness was and how he could treat me, this was the first time anyone had said that they could cure me!

    Although wary and worried, I booked into his clinic and set sail for Athens.

    On my first day, the doctor performed a painless rectal ultrasound of my Prostate, bladder, kidneys and testes, I also did a pee flow test. The ultra sound images are instant so I could see the size and inflammation of my Prostate, no surprises, Inflamed and Large! probably been slowly growing for over 10 years, the doctor explained.
    With his pressure therapy, I produced a sample of prostatic fluid and was sent to the lab to also produce a semen sample for testing.

    I begun taking a blanket cover of antibiotics, until my results returned, and begun the daily therapy sessions.
    My results returned in approx 8 days showing 3 different bacteria! My fears of feeling crazy were over, I had a cause to my illness.
    With the sensitivities, the doctor put me on the correct medication.

    The doctor also explained…..

    Although you may have already taken many of these, Antibiotics DO work but simply cannot penetrate sufficiently when you’re Prostate tissue has become fibrotic and sclerotic (hard and wide) through the process of inflammation (prostatitis).

    Dr Georgiadis’s Prostate Pressure Unblocking Therapy technique has been crafted over 25 years and he will slowly unblock the channels in your Prostate, via finger pressure, to allow the blood to flow freely, bringing with it, your white blood cells (your body soldiers) and the antibiotics to treat the bacteria.
    Taking antibiotics, before this treatment, may lead to some bacterial resistance, making the process somewhat harder to treat, nevertheless still treatable.
    The complications of prostatitis, erectile issues, urine flow etc can also be treated at the same time.

    I have 100% trust and respect for the Dr Georgiadis and his methods.
    This isn’t a third world setup, in Athens, as I’ve read in the forums from people in the USA.
    His surgery and waiting area is clean, modern and fully equipped.
    The doctor’s waiting area is populated with patients from around the world, this shows how very little else there is available to treat chronic prostatitis.

    This isn’t a ‘magic pill’ treatment and needs time and determination from you to see the therapy through to the end, it’s not over until the doctor says it is!!
    In the meantime, help yourself by cutting out all sugar products, alcohol and hot spices.

    I am still in treatment, I have completed 11 weeks of therapy, in 5 months.
    My prostate size has reduced by more than 50%, urine flow improved and the bacteria is dying.
    My symptoms, like most of the guys I’ve met on this process, have almost gone and improving as the treatment progresses.

    Whichever name you give your illness, Acute, Chronic, Bacterial, Non Bacterial or Pelvic Pain Syndrome…… it’s all the same disease caused by bacteria in your prostate.
    Don’t be fooled by varying descriptions and quick fixes of your symptoms…. they soon return!

    This therapy method is a CURE and can be the lifeline to your future.
    Please don’t wait like I did, this disease will only become worse and more difficult to treat the longer you put off taking control it.
    At the very least, take the test in Athens

    Duncan from UK | 2018
  • After more about 8 years with increasing symptoms and countless useless visits to many urologist in several countries who told me to just leave with it I found Dr Georgiadis. I will put it very short and clear, you do not have to leave with it. You do not have to suffer chronic prostatitis for there is a solution. It is not pleasant, it is not instantaneous as you have to follow a specific protocol, but it works. I started just a few months ago and been visiting him on and off after the initial treatment. The analysis found 2 different strains of bacteria and 25-30 leukocytes within prostate fluid. Just today I got results showing no bacteria and leukocytes level down to 2-3, symptoms and inflammation are nearly non existent now and very soon I will be able to put all this story behind me. I cannot recommend Dr Georgiadis high enough, his commitment and dedication are absolutely second to none. If you suffer from this illness contact him and take the plunge as I did, nobody else will help you and the longer you wait the more the infection will cripple you.

    Raul from Spain | 2018
  • Having been treated in a way that led to the cure of my cystitis problem,i succesfully carried my baby and now have a healthy son,no words could describe how thankful we are for meeting this amazing Doctor 🙂

    A. M. from Greece | 2018
  • Very experienced and serious Doctor that I highly reccomend. His therapy needs patience but at the end results will follow. Thank you Doctor for supporting me and being a friend.

    Gheorgios from Greece | 2018

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