"More than 25 years experience in successfully treating patients of Chronic Prostatitis with my unique protocol, which guarantees objective and tangible results, not promises."
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"With the correct understanding and approach, it is possible to fully and completely cure Chronic Prostatitis without any need for surgery."
Chronic Prostatitis Treatment
Expert in cystitis treatment
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Mission Statement

For more than 25 years, I’ve been successfully treating patients for Chronic Prostatitis (CP) and Chronic Cystitis (CC). Chronic Prostatitis is a condition that, based on my findings, affects almost 70% of the male population, but for which general Urology has not managed to reach a satisfactory consensus.

Problems such as sexual dysfunction, infertility, urinary issues etc. plague the male population but often the average urologist fails to attribute them to prostatic issues. Instead they mislead the patients towards the wrong treatment path (e.g. psychological, neurological, myoskeletal, etc.). From my extensive experience on this issue, in about 90% of patients with the aforementioned issues, the problems stem from the chronic inflammation of the prostate (which later spreads to the surrounding systems), and the root is almost always microbial.

Through the years of my career, I have investigated, researched and tried multiple methodologies from around the globe, but ultimately I have concluded that the only way to truly and radically treat Chronic Prostatitis, is for one to really understand its physiopathology. Having that knowledge, enables the doctor to apply a therapy that deeply and thoroughly faces the problem at its root. For this purpose, I have developed what I call the “Georgiadis Chronic Prostatitis Protocol” (GCPP), which consists of frequent, thorough and targeted prostatic pressures (not simply massages) in combination with specific antibiotics (which can be taken orally, intravenously or via intraprostatic injections) for a certain amount of time.

The goal of my protocol is complete and radical cure because anything less than that will cause the patient to relapse after a while, which is the reason Chronic Prostatitis is deemed untreatable by many doctors until this day.

This website is therefore designed to demonstrate my findings and my approach, one that has been proven to work time after time for hundreds and hundreds of patients from all over the world, with the hope of educating patients and colleagues alike.

Thank you,
Dr. Pavlos Georgiadis
MD, PhD, Surgeon Urologist – Andrologist

Our Expertise
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Chronic Prostatitis

Prostatitis is the main cause of many afflictions in men. An estimated 40%-50% of the male population seeks help for the management of persisting symptoms which present either as pain in the pelvic area or as complications stemming from the gradual progression of the disease having mainly to do with erectile dysfunction, toxic impact on sperm and urinary flow problems. Find out more about our unique chronic prostatitis treatment.

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Chronic Cystitis

Chronic Cystitis is a clinical syndrome characterised by periods of remissions and flare-ups from a family of symptoms of varied severity that could occur jointly or separately such as pain on urination, urinary frequency, an urge to urinate, lower abdominal pain and pain during sexual intercourse. The triggering factors may be bacteria, viruses and/or other pathogens.

Our Clinic

Georgiadis Urology Office

Our Advantage

Our clinic is operating in the heart of Athens as Greece is conveniently located in the centre of three continents and thus is equally accessible for patients from the entire globe. We have unrivalled expertise in the issues of Chronic Prostatitis for men and Chronic Cystitis for women, world-class equipment and a genuine treatment-focused philosophy. Appointments are typically booked at least two weeks in advance.

Our Testimonials

1.5 years ago I came down with acute systemic symptoms of a urinary tract infection: burning urethra, throbbing pelvic pain, chronic migraine, intense fatigue and muscle aches. Notably, this was several days after unprotected sex with my girlfriend, who simultaneously came down with roughly the same symptoms, though vaginally also. We concluded immediately that the problem was microbial. My symptoms subsided, only to increasingly relapse over the following weeks. […] The treatment has been the hardest thing I have ever done. But I’ve been rewarded with massive objective and subjective improvement. Objective results are nearly stabilized, my symptoms are nearly gone, and I expect to be 100% cured soon. I shall write back again after I’m finished, with more details about Dr. Georgiadis’s treatment protocol and its contrasts with current American urological practice.

Kev. B. from USA | 2019

Hey everyone, my name is George and I am 65 years old – I live between Germany, Greece and China and I wanted to take the chance to share my experience too. I am an old patient of dr. Georgiadis (he cured me 9 years ago) and since then I visit him every year for an annual check up. Before finding Dr. Georgiadis, I had visited many doctors in Germany and China […] Until this day, so many years later, I am fully healthy and free of symptoms and I feel truly grateful to Dr. Georgiadis and I keep and will keep visiting him at least once a year for my checkup. He gave me my vitality back. Thank you for everything!

George Dendr. from Germany | 2019

My problems started in 2003, out of the blue, after swimming in the sea and then cycling back home in wet swimming trunks. For 5 years I suffered from pain in the left testicle which radiated to the prostate. It was excruciating and prevented me from leading a normal life. […] Thanks to Dr Georgiadis I am now painfree. I can warmly recommend him due to his professionalism, helpfulness, and problem-solving capacity.

Paul from Germany | 2019

It all started in 2011 when I had an acute prostate infection with the following symptoms: frequent urination, burning when urinating, pain when ejaculating, burning in the perineum etc […] I have not met any doctor with the knowledge, tools and warm personality of Dr Georgiadis to whom I am deeply grateful for having returned my smile. Thank you very much.

Oscar from Spain | 2018

One might expect to get professional, imformed treatment with this life crippling disease from our highly skilled Harley Street and NHS doctors, but to my amazement, NO! not even close!
It’s been as though I was the first patient ever to have prostatitis![…] This therapy method is a CURE and can be the lifeline to your future.
Please don’t wait like I did, this disease will only become worse and more difficult to treat the longer you put off taking control it.
At the very least, take the test in Athens.

Duncan from UK | 2018

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