Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Pavlos Georgiadis – Short Medical Biography

Dr. Pavlos Georgiadis MD PhD, Surgeon Urologist – Andrologist


Specialised in Urology


Specialized training at the children’s Urological Clinic, Children’s hospital “Agia Sofia”,
The gynecological clinic of the Elena Venizelou hospital, and at the gynecological department of NIMITS Hospital.


Training and practical application of lithotripsy with laser and laparoscopic technique in Urology at the Urological clinic of the Ippokration Hospital of Athens.


Specialized training and participation in the work of the Andrological Institution of Athens for 2 years in the subspecialty of andrology.


Specialized training in general ultrasound, x-ray diagnosis of the urogenital system and in Transrectal ultrasonography and biopsy of the prostate gland, at the x-ray department and the Urological clinic of NIMITS Hospital.


Specialized theoretical and practical training in Urodynamics and Neurology at the Urodynamic laboratory of the Urologocal clinic, NIMITS Hospital.


PhD thesis in ‘The development of surgical therapy for prostate gland ailments’ at the Medical School, University of Athens.


Officially granted a license from the Ministry of Health and Social Security to carry out organ ultrasounds in relation to Urology.


Training in laparoscopic urology at a two day educational seminar at the General Hospital ‘Papageorgiou’ in Thessaloniki.


Training in laparoscopic and robotical surgery in Urology at the European Institute of Telesurgery, University of Strasbourg, France. Reception of Certificate of training in minimal access surgery and “Diplome d’Universite de Chirurgie Laparoscopique”

More than 15 publications in important international magazines, with important references and more than 10 publications in Greek magazines.

Member of the Greek Urological Association and the European Urological Association.
Attendance at a large number of seminars and conferences and work presentations in Greece and abroad. I also systematically follow and train in all the new developments in Urology, with special emphasis in laparoscopic and robotical surgery.
Collaborator and Supervisor at the Urological department of the Doctor’s Hospital
I participate in the whole range of Urology (robotical surgery, oncology, diseases of the prostate gland, bladder, kidney-kidney stones, endoscopic urology, UTI, erectile dysfunctions, male infertility, incontinence and urodynamics)

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