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  • Hi!
    I am very lucky to know Doctor Georgiadis from a friend. I had Prostatitis for 4 years before I visit the doctor. My friend wake me up. I did have a problem and I have to say big one.

    The Doctor Pavlos Georgiadis after a lot of research in the internet it’s by far the only one that can cure prostatitis with his technique and long experience in his field.

    Combine with his excellent microbiologist that know what they are looking for. What kind of microbes you have in order to have the correct approach.

    It’s a unique process that will cure you from this very
    annoying problem of prostatitis. The rest of the doctors out there are in the Stone Age regarding this
    serious problem.

    If you search around or meet people with prostatitis it’s amazing the stories you will hear for other doctors approach. THAT THEY DONT KNOW WHAT ARE THEY DOING!!!

    In this moment we cured about 80% of the microbes and I feel great. I am back for a second time in order to get rid the remaining microbes.

    In his web site you can see testimonies and exam results that are 100% true and it’s exactly as was mine.

    I recommend Doctor Pavlos Georgiadis as he is the best and the only one that can cure Prostatitis.

    Just come…..

    Thank you!!

    N. K. from UAE | 2018
  • This is a review of a 29 years old guy who was super desperate after visiting 3 urologists who they could not do anything to help at all with this debilitating disease called ‘chronic’ prostatitis. I started having clear urination-related symptoms in October 2016. It took me 6 months to know about Dr Georgiadis. I read a few books, visited three urologists and did a lot of research in internet. I was super obsessed with this whole new reality that seemed kind of hidden in the society, and I knew my health was depending, first of all, of understanding what was really going on in my body, and then, be lucky enough to find a solution to fix this so understudied health issue. Before October 2016, as many young men, I had absolutely no idea what exactly the prostate was, its functions and its vital significance in the male body. So, first at all, I pushed myself to learn about the organ and about the most common problems of it, while trying to find urologists or naturopaths who could help me, unsuccessfully. However, every step of this learning/suffering process was important to finally get to know someone who could actually help me.
    By the time I got to know the therapy of Dr Georgiadis, I was completely sure that his therapy and approach was exactly what I was looking for, due to all my effort of learning about the problem. What really made me trust Dr Georgiadis was, first of all, that in order to cure the disease, he was focused on the root of the problem, not only on the surface. So, he was not just concerned (like some other urologists do) in curing the symptoms of the disease as soon as possible; his therapy focuses in fighting the causes of those symptoms. Secondly, his therapy was as optimistic (his aim is to cure 100% the disease) as realistic. His therapy is based on a mix of multiple technics put together to reach a complete cure. This multi dimensional approach really convinced me, because it made sense with what I read a lot about the disease. Let’s say that his specific kind of prostatic massage is the main part of his therapy, and makes him be more like an artisan of healing than a 21st century lazy and distant doctor. There is so much work behind his success as a healer, so that is why I thought his therapy was so realistic.
    Once the treatment started, It came up new information for me: I had been holding the disease for at least 8-9 years, without being really aware of it. Of course, still everything made sense… Small problems I thought were related to the nerve system, stress, alcohol, suddenly it was clear they were related with this unknown disease. I had to accept as well that the cure would take longer to be cured, as I had been holding pathogens in my prostate for such a long time.
    After six months of therapy, I am happy to say that I am getting to the end of this tunnel. Most of my symptoms are gone, the tests show a super big improvement, (no bacterias, no inflamation) and expectations are to be completely done in about two months. I was not an easy patient to treat. My prostatitis, even though my young age, had a lot of complications.
    So… my experience with Dr Georgiadis is super positive. Not only in a physical dimension (he can actually cure what other urologists don’t even know how to start treating it, because they don’t understand), but also in a human and intellectual dimension. So I recommend him 120%, because after half a year of treatment I am almost done with all my problems associated with my ‘chronic’ prostatitis.

    V. R. from Spain | 2017
  • I have suffered from chronic prostatitis for 3 years and I have seen different doctors in United Arab Emirates, Turkey and United Kingdom and none of them offered a cure, they all said I have to live with it. This all changed after I found Dr. Georgeadis, I have first read about him on prostatitis forums and I have read the details of his therapy on his website, it all made sense and I decided to go to Athens. I have been healed after three sessions of therapies where each session took about 3 weeks. The recovery process changes from patient to patient. If you are suffering from chronic prostatitis you have to visit Dr. Georgiadis, you don’t have to accept it and live with it.

    Utku from Turkey | 2017
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